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The holie historie of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christs natiuitie, life, actes, miracles, doctrine, death, passion, resurrection and ascension : gathered into English meeter, and published to withdraw vaine wits from all vnsauerie and wicked rimes and fables, to some loue and liking of spirituall songs and holy scriptures. By Robert Holland maister of Arts, and minister of the Church of Prendergast.
Year: 1594 Publisher: London Printed by George Tobie,

A reioynder to Doctor Hil concerning the descense of Christ into Hell : Wherein the answere to his sermon is iustlie defended, and the roust of his reply scraped from those arguments as cleanlie, as if they had neuer bene touched with that canker. By Alexander Hume, Maister of Artes. Heere, besides the reioynder, thou hast his paralogismes: that is, his fallacies and deceits in reason pointed out, and numbered in the margin: amounting to the nomber of 600. and aboue: and yet not half reckoned.
Year: 1594 Publisher: Edinburgh Robert Waldegrave,

The mysteries of Mount Calvary : Made by the reverend father in God, lord Anthonie de Gueuara, bishop of Mondonnedo, preacher and chronicler, vnto Charles the fift, Emperour. In this booke the authour handleth all the mysteries, of the Mount of Caluarie, from the time that Christ was condemned by Pilat, vntill he was put into the sepulchre, by Ioseph and Nichodemus.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1594 Publisher: London printed by Adam Islip, for Edward White, and are to be sold at the little North dore of Paules, at the signe of the Gunne,

Marie Magdalens funerall teares
Authors: ---
Year: 1594 Publisher: London Printed by A[dam] I[slip] for G[abriel] C[awood],

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