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The sovles exercise in the daily contemplation of our Saviours birth, life, passion, and resurrection
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1641 Publisher: London Printed by Thomas and Rich. Cotes for Humphrey Blunden, and are to be sold at his shop,

The article of Christs descension into hell : fully in the true sense thereof layd open
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1641 Publisher: London Printed by Jo. Beale for Thomas Underhill, and are to be sold at his shop ...,

The Oath of Christ and the age of Antichrist, or, Daniels divrnall.
Year: 1641 Publisher: London? s.n.,

Mount-Orgueil: or Divine and profitable meditations : raised from the contemplation of these three leaves of natures volume, 1. Rockes, 2. Seas, 3. Gardens, digested into three distinct poems. To which is prefixed, a poeticall description, of Mount-Orgueil Castle in the Isle of Jersy. By VVilliam Prynne, late exile, and close prisoner in the sayd Castle. A poem of The soules complaint against the body; and Comfortable cordialls against the discomforts of imprisonment, &c. are hereto annexed.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1641 Publisher: London printed by Tho. Cotes, for Michael Sparke Senior, and are to be sold by Peter Inch of Chester,

The power of the Christ of God, : or, A treatise of povver, as it is originally in God the Father, and by him given to Christ his Sonne : and that considered, as either 1 reserved and kept in his owne hands. 2 committed by him to others, whether, 1 ecclesiasticall, for the good, and government of his church, or, 2 politicall, for the guidance of common-wealthes: together with, 3 the power permitted 1 of the Pope, and his locusts. 2 of the Turke, and his armies. In principles and conclusions, gathered out of Holy Scripture. Published by order of the Committee of the House of Commons, for licencing of bookes, &c.
Year: 1641 Publisher: London Printed by R. Cotes for Jo. Bellamie, and Ralph Smith, dwelling at the signe of the three Golden Lyons, in Corn-hill neer the Royall Exchange,

Mr. Anthony Wotton's defence against Mr. George Walker's charge, accusing him of Socinian heresie and blasphemie
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1641 Publisher: Cambridge Printed by Roger Daniel ...,

The personall raigne of Christ upon earth. Or, a treatise wherein is fully and largely laid open and proved, that Iesus Christ together with the saints, shall visibly possesse a monarchicall state and kingdome in this world : Which sheweth, 1. That there shall be such a kingdome. 2. The manner of it. 3. The duration of it. 4. The time when it is to begin.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1641 Publisher: London s.n.],

Hebdomada magna, or The great weeke of Christs passion. : Handled by way of exposition upon the fourth article of the Apostles Creed: He suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, buried.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1641 Publisher: London Printed by Stephen Bulkley, for Henry Twyford, and are to be sold at the three Daggers in Fleetstreet, neare the Inner-Temple-Gate,

The following of Christ : Written in Latine by Thomas of Kempis, Canon Regular of the Order of S. Augustine, of the mount of S. Agnes. Revievved and in divers things corrected. By M.C. confessor to the English nuns at Paris. Who also added the said Thomas his life.

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Devotional literature --- Christian life --- Christian life --- Christian life --- Thomas, --- Jesus Christ --- Foma, --- Haemmerlein, Thomas, --- Hemerken, Thomas, --- Kempen, Thomas Hamerken van, --- Kempen, Thomas von, --- Kempensis, Thomas, --- Kempietis, Tomas, --- Kempiĭskiĭ, Foma, --- Kempis, Tāmas, --- Kempis, Thomas à, --- Kempis, Tommaso da, --- Kempisius, Thomas, --- Keng-pai-ssu, --- Malleolus, Thomas, --- Tāmas, --- Thomas à Kempis, --- Thomas, --- Thomas, --- Thomas, --- Thomas, --- Thomas, --- Tomas, --- Tomaž, --- Tommaso, --- Tʻovma, --- Tʻovmas, --- كمبيسي، توما --- Christ --- Cristo --- Jezus Chrystus --- Jesus Cristo --- Jesus, --- Jezus --- Christ, Jesus --- Yeh-su --- Masīḥ --- Khristos --- Gesù --- Christo --- Yeshua --- Chrystus --- Gesú Cristo --- Ježíš --- Isa, --- Nabi Isa --- Isa Al-Masih --- Al-Masih, Isa --- Masih, Isa Al --- -Jesus, --- Jesucristo --- Yesu --- Yeh-su Chi-tu --- Iēsous --- Iēsous Christos --- Iēsous, --- Kʻristos --- Hisus Kʻristos --- Christos --- Jesuo --- Yeshuʻa ben Yosef --- Yeshua ben Yoseph --- Iisus --- Iisus Khristos --- Jeschua ben Joseph --- Ieso Kriʻste --- Yesus --- Kristus --- ישו --- ישו הנוצרי --- ישו הנצרי --- ישוע --- ישוע בן יוסף --- المسيح --- مسيح --- يسوع المسيح --- 耶稣 --- 耶稣基督 --- 예수그리스도 --- Jíizis --- Yéshoua --- Iėsu̇s --- Khrist Iėsu̇s --- ‏عيسىٰ‏ --- Example --- Component parts

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