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Of the imitation of Christ : three, both for wisedome, and godlines, most excellent bookes
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1592 Publisher: At London Printed by Richard Yardly and Peter Short, for the assignes of William Seres,

The defence of the article: Christ descended into Hell : VVith arguments obiected against the truth of the same doctrine: of one Alexander Humes. All which reasons are confuted, and the same doctrine cleerely defended. By Adam Hyll, D. of Diuinity.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1592 Publisher: London Printed [by John Windet] for William Ponsonbie,

The wonderfull combate (for Gods glorie and mans saluation) betweene Christ and Satan : Opened in seuen most excellent, learned and zealous sermons, vpon the temptations of Christ, in the wilderness, &c. Seene and allowed.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1592 Publisher: London Printed by Iohn Charlwood for Richard Smith: and are to be sold at his shop, at the west doore of Paules,

An excellent and learned treatise, of the spirituall mariage betvveene Christ and the church, and every faithfull man. Written in Latine by that famous and worthie member of Christ his church H. Zanchius: and translated into English
Authors: ---
Year: 1592 Publisher: Cambridge? Printed by Iohn Legate, printer to the Vniversitie of Cambridge,

A comfortable treatise concerning the temptations of Christ : profitable (in this raging age of the Deuill) to bee read of euery Christian. Wherein he may learne how to know and auoid the subtill sleights and daungerous temptations of the Deuill, wherwith he many times and waies affaulteth euery one of the faythfull. By Isaac Colfe preacher of the word of God.
Year: 1592 Publisher: London Printed by A. I[effes] for Richard Watkins,

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