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Master Broughtons letters, especially his last pamphlet to and against the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, about Sheol and Hades, for the descent into Hell, answered in their kind
Year: 1599 Publisher: London Imprinted by [F. Kingston for] Iohn Wolfe,

The first part of the meditations of the passion, & resurrection of Christ our sauiour : with the figures & prophecies of the olde Testame[n]t, & certaine documents gathered out of euery point of the Gospell. Collected out of diuers holy fathers, and other deuout authours, by the Reu. Fa. Vincent Bruno of the Societie of Iesus. VVith priuiledge.
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1599 Publisher: London? Fr. Garnet's second press,

An explication of the article ... of our Lordes soules going from his body to paradise, touched by the Greke, general[l?]y ... the world of soules, termed Hel by the old Saxon, & by all our translationes : with a defence of [t]he Q. of Englandes religion, to, & against the Archb. of Canterbury, who is blamed for turning the Q. auctority against her owne faith : sundry epistles are prefiexd [sic] & affixed
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1599 Publisher: S.l. s.n.],

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