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The true gaine : more in worth then all the goods in the world.
Authors: ---
Year: 1601 Publisher: Cambridge Printed by Iohn Legat, printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge,

The song of Mary the mother of Christ : containing the story of his life and passion. The teares of Christ in the garden: with the description of heauenly Ierusalem.
Year: 1601 Publisher: London Printed by E. Allde for William Ferbrand, dwelling neere Guild-hall-gate at the signe of the Crowne,

A treatise concerning the trinitie of persons in vnitie of the deitie : Written to Thomas Mannering an Anabaptist, who denyed that Iesus is very God of very God: but man onely, yet endued with the infinite power of God.
Authors: ---
Year: 1601 Publisher: Imprinted at London By Simon Stafford, dwelling on Adling hill neere Carter-lane,

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