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A briefe answere vnto certaine obiections and reasons against the descension of Christ into hell : lately sent in writing vnto a gentleman in the countrey.
Year: 1613 Publisher: Oxford Printed [by W. White] for Iohn Barnes, and are to be sold neere Holborne Conduit,

Recensio et explicatio argumentorum productorum libello emendationis temporum compendio fact : cum additamento plurimum, quibus confirmatur paradoxa (vt vulgo habetur) sententia de annis natiutatis baptismatis & cruciatus, adeoque vniuersi in terris ministerii Domini Iesu Christi. Insertis brevibus confutationibus contrariarum opinionum, Scaligeran, Baronianque, pariter ac iesuitica Ioannis Deckerij & Laurentij Sustyg, atque Ioannis Keppleri Csarei Mathematici.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1613 Publisher: Geneva Excudebat Esaias Le Preux [sumpt. G. Harper, Londini],

The seauen spirituall exercises of a deuout soule : Containing the life and death of our sauiour Christ: compiled in seauen meditations, replenished with most godly, and deuout motions, and seruing for the seauen dayes in the weeke.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1613 Publisher: London Printed by T[homas] S[nodham] for Iohn Budge, and are to be solde at the great south-doore of Paules, and at Britaines Bursse,

The passion of Christ, and the benefits thereby. By Bartholomew Chamberlaine, Doctor in Diuinitie
Authors: ---
Year: 1613 Publisher: London Printed [by T. Snodham] for Thomas Pauier,

The Messiah alreadie come. Or proofs of Christianitie : both out of the Scriptures, and auncient rabbins, to convince the Iewes, of their palpable, and more then miserable blindnes (if more may be) for their long, vayne, and endles expectation of their Messiah (as they dreame) yet for to come. Written in Barbarie, in the yeare 1610, & for that cause directed to the dispersed Iewes of that countrie, & in them to all others now groaning under the yoake of this their long & intollerable captivitie: which yet one day shall have an end: ...
Authors: --- --- ---
Year: 1613 Publisher: Amsterdam Imprinted by Giles Thorp,

The genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures : according to euery familie and tribe. With the line of our Saviour Jesus Christ obserued from Adam, to the blessed Virgin Marie. By J.S.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1613 Publisher: London printed by John Beale,

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