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Christs kingdome on earth, opened according to the scriptures. : Herein is examined, what Mr. Th. Brightman, D. J. Alstede, Mr. I. Mede, Mr. H. Archer, The glympse of Sions glory, and such as concurre in opinion with them, hold concerning the thousand years of the saints reign with Christ, and of Satans binding: herein also their arguments are answered. Imprimatur; Ia. Cranford. Feb. 12. 1644.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1645 Publisher: London, Printed by Ric. Cotes for Stephen Bowtell, and are to bee sold at his shop at the signe of the Bible in Popes-head Alley.,

King Jesvs is the beleevers prince, priest, and law-giver, in things appertaining to the conscience, Isai. 55.4. Heb. 7.17. Jam. 4. 12. Or, The loyall spouse of Christ hath no head, nor husband, but royall King Jesvs. Written by Francis Cornwell, a minister of Jesus Christ, out of the learned workes of Mr. John Fox in his book of Martyrs, excepting onely some explanations of his owne, for the benefit of the reader.
Authors: --- --- ---
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed by J. Dawson,

The glorious excellencie of the spirit of adoption; : or, Of the spirit of the sonne of God, derived to the sonnes of God. Wherein are many precious truths held forth, which are presented to all the children of truth, who are and shall be sanctified through the truth.
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed by Jane Coe, for Henry Overton,

Free-grace : or, the flowings of Christ's blood freely to sinners. Being an experiment of Jesus Christ upon one who hath been in the bondage of a troubled conscience at times for the space of about twelve yeers, til now upon a clearer discovery of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel : wherein divers secrets of the soul, of sin and temptations, are experimentally opened, and by way of observation, concerning a natural condition, and a mixed condition of law and Gospel : with a further revealing of the Gospel in its glory, liberty, freenesse, and simplicity for salvation.
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed for Giles Calvert, dwelling at the black Spred-Eagle at the West-end of Pauls,

Plenitudo fontis, or, Christ's fulnesse and man's emptinesse : a sermon
Authors: --- --- ---
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed for Iohn Stafford ...,

Immanuel, or, The mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed by M.F. for Rich. Royston, and are to be sold at his shop ...,

Compassionate Christ. : A small treatise, setting forth the tendernesse of Christ towards the bruised and broken in spirit.
Authors: ---
Year: 1645 Publisher: London Printed for G. Calvert, at the black spred-Eagle at the west-end of Pauls,

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