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Theanthropos: or, God made man. : A tract proving the nativity of our Saviour to be on the 25. of December.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1661 Publisher: London, Printed by J.G. for Nathaniel Brooks at the Angel in Corn-hill.,

The phanatiques creed, or A door of safety; : in answer to a bloody pamphlet intituled A door of hope: or, A call and declaration for the gathering together of the first ripe fruits unto the standard of our Lord, King Jesus. Wherein the principles, danger, malice, and designe of the sectaries, are impartially laid open.
Year: 1661 Publisher: London printed for Henry Brome at the Gun in Ivy-lane,

An answer to the arguments of the Iewes, in which they go about to prove that the Messiah is not come : in which answer it is proved that the Messiah is, and hath been come about 1661 years : and theirs and other arguments of the Christians laid aside, which is not to the purpose.
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1661 Publisher: London Printed for M.W.,

Ho aster orthrinos apolampei. Seu Natalis Domini relucet, refulget : in academia Marischallana Carolin Universitatis Aberdonensis, octavo calendas Januarias, M,DC,LXI. August. lib. 4. de. trinit. Cap 3. Contra rationem nemo sobrius, contra scripturam nemo Christianus, contra ecclesiam, nemo pacificus senserit.
Authors: ---
Year: 1661 Publisher: Aberdoniis [s.n.],

Free-grace: or The flowings of Christs blood freely to sinners : Being an experiment of Jesus Christ upon one who hath been in the bondage of a troubled conscience at times, for the space of about twelve years, till now upon a clearer discovery of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel: wherein divers secrets of the soul, of sin and temptations, are experimentally opened, and by way of observation, concerning a natural condition, and a mixed condition of law and gospel. With a further revealing of the gospel in its glory, liberty, freeness, and simplicity for salvation. By John Saltmarsh, preacher of the Gospel at Brasteed in Kent.
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1661 Publisher: London printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black-spread-Eagle, at the west-end of Pauls,

Testimony for the son of man and against the son of perdition : wherein is set forth the faith and obedience of Gods elect, testified by the mouth of the Lord, angels & men. With a true discovery of a bundle of equivocations, confusions, and hyprocisies, in those who call themselves preachers of, and to the light within all men; who yet are so far in darkness themselves, that they acknowledge not the scriptures and ordinances of Jesus Christ, so as to be directed by the one, to the obedience of the other. By Joseph Wright, a servant of Jesus Christ.
Year: 1661 Publisher: London printed for Stephen Degnal, and are to be sold at his shop in Alisbury, and at Leyton,

The personal reign of Christ upon earth : In a treatise wherein is fully and largely laid open and proved, that Jesus Christ, together with the saints, shall visibly possess a monarchical state and kingdome in this world. Which sheweth, 1. That there shall be such a kingd(dom. 2. The manner of it. 3. The duration of it. 4. The time when it is to be(gin. By John Archer, sometimes preacher of All-hallows Lumbard-street.
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1661 Publisher: London printed for L. Chapman, and are to be sold over-against the Pageant in Cornhil, next to Popes-head-Alley,

The second apologie to Balthazar Tylcken : treating of the eternall predestination and election of God, and of the incarnation, or becoming man and person, of Christ, and concerning the Virgin Mary
Authors: --- --- --- ---
Year: 1661 Publisher: London Printed by M.S. for Giles Calvert ...,

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Predestination --- Incarnation --- Hypostatic union --- Union, Hypostatic --- Tilken, Balthazar --- Jesus Christ --- Mary, --- ʻAdhrāʼ --- Arogyamata --- Ārōkkiyamāta --- Birhen ng mga Dukha --- Blessed Lady --- Blessed Mother --- Blessed Virgin Mary, --- Hagnē Theotokos --- Madonna, The --- Mama Mary --- Mare de Déu --- Maria, --- Mariam Astuatsatsin --- Marie, --- Marie Théotokos --- Marii︠a︡, --- Marii︠a︡, --- Mary, --- Mary, --- Maryam, --- Maryam, --- Maryja, --- Meryem Ana --- Miryam, --- Mother of God --- Muíre, --- Nossa Senhora --- Our Lady --- Our Lady of Good Health --- Our Lady of Sorrows --- Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament --- Qiddīsah Maryam --- Theotokos --- Vierge Marie, --- Virgen María --- Virgin Mary, --- Virgin of the Poor --- Ynang Maria --- مريم --- مريم العذراء --- 성모마리아 --- Our Lady of Emmitsburg --- Majka Isusova --- Tylcken, Balthazar --- Christ --- Cristo --- Jezus Chrystus --- Jesus Cristo --- Jesus, --- Jezus --- Christ, Jesus --- Yeh-su --- Masīḥ --- Khristos --- Gesù --- Christo --- Yeshua --- Chrystus --- Gesú Cristo --- Ježíš --- Isa, --- Nabi Isa --- Isa Al-Masih --- Al-Masih, Isa --- Masih, Isa Al --- -Jesus, --- Jesucristo --- Yesu --- Yeh-su Chi-tu --- Iēsous --- Iēsous Christos --- Iēsous, --- Kʻristos --- Hisus Kʻristos --- Christos --- Jesuo --- Yeshuʻa ben Yosef --- Yeshua ben Yoseph --- Iisus --- Iisus Khristos --- Jeschua ben Joseph --- Ieso Kriʻste --- Yesus --- Kristus --- ישו --- ישו הנוצרי --- ישו הנצרי --- ישוע --- ישוע בן יוסף --- المسيح --- مسيح --- يسوع المسيح --- 耶稣 --- 耶稣基督 --- 예수그리스도 --- Jíizis --- Yéshoua --- Iėsu̇s --- Khrist Iėsu̇s --- ‏عيسىٰ‏ --- Theology. --- Divinity --- Component parts

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