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Look unto Jesus, or, An ascent to the Holy Mount to see Jesus Christ in his glory : whereby the active and contemplative believer may have the eyes of his understanding more inlightned to behold in some measure the eternity and immutability of the Lord Jesus Christ ... : at the end of the book is an appendix, shewing the certainty of the calling of the Jews
Authors: ---
Year: 1663 Publisher: London Printed by Thomas Roycroft for the Authour, and are to be sold by Humphrey Tuckey, and by William Taylor,

the lavv given forth out of Sion, and the commandments of the Lord of life, (who is Lord from Heaven) made known unto men. By Walter Jenkins
Year: 1663 Publisher: London printed for R. Wilson,

The most devovt prayers of S. Brigitte : touching the most holy passion of Ovr Saviovr Iesvs Christ.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1663 Publisher: Doway Printed at Dovvay by Balthazar Bellere,

The afflicted and retired mans meditations, concerning the excellency of the spirit : With a discovery of the twofold-mind; the danger of the one, the comfort and safety of the other. First, here is observed, what it is for to be carnally minded. Secondly, means to suppress a carnal frame of spirit. Thirdly, the dreadful state of a carnal minded man. Fourthly, how the spirit is a Christians help. Fifthly, means to obtain the spirit. Sixthly, the characters of a spiritualized Christian. Seventhly, the glorious priviledges of a spiritual minded man. And a few meditations by way of observation: with a dialogue between Christ and a sinner; Christ and a Christian; Christ and the afflicted person: as also, a word to the remnant of the womans seed: with a loud call to all saints, to love one another upon the account of son-ship, and not onely upon the account of fellowship. Written by Samuel Bradley, who hath love for all that love the Lord Jesus in sincerity, who prayes for Zions unity.
Year: 1663 Publisher: London Printed for the author,

Christ's famous titles, and A believers golden-chain. : Handled in divers sermons.
Year: 1663 Publisher: London, [s.n.],

Six several treatises : 1. The promises made and fulfilled in Christ. 2. Absolute promises made to sinners as sinners. 3. The life of faith; and in particular, in justification, sanctification, and expectation. 4. The saints anchor rightly cast. 5. Christs new command. 6. Of offences. By the late worthy and faithful servant of Jesus Christ John Tillinghast. Published by his own notes.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1663 Publisher: London printed by R.I. for L. Chapman, to bee sold at his shop in Exchange-Alley, between Lumbard street and Cornhill,

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