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Christ ascended above the clouds : his [brace] divinity--light in man, his being [brace] the Word in saints the only way and rule [brace] vindicated [brace] from the cloudy, erroneous, heretical, and blasphemous conceits of John Newman and his brethren : and the only rule of faith demonstrated for the general information of professours (and people) of all sorts, and the said J.N. his book stiled The light within &c. (with his manifest contradictions) both scripturally, historically, and rationally examined
Authors: --- --- ---
Year: 1669 Publisher: London [s.n.],

Ho typos, or The pattern of grace and glory : In our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, to be admired, adored, and imitated. Collected out of the holy scriptures. Illustrated by the ancient fathers and expositors. Presented with 1. Contemplations. 2. Observations. 3. Confirmations. 4. Doxologies. by Dr. Edward Wolley, Lord Bishop of Clonsert in the Kingdom of Ireland.
Authors: ---
Year: 1669 Publisher: Dublin printed by Iosiah Windsor in Castle-street,

The Chirstians pattern, or A divine treatise of the imitation of Christ : Written originally in Latine, by Thomas of Kempis, above 200. years since.
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1669 Publisher: London printed by I.R, for Iohn Clark, and are to be sold by William Saywell at the Red Lyon in Winchester-street,

A demonstration of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : and therein of the Christian religion, very useful for the further satisfaction and confirmation of all good Christians, as likewise for the confutation and conviction of those that have a Jewish or atheistical spirit in them
Authors: ---
Year: 1669 Publisher: London Printed for Samuel Gelllibrand ...,

A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity : as also of the person and satisfaction of Christ
Authors: --- --- --- --- --- et al.
Year: 1669 Publisher: London Printed by R.W. for Nath. Ponder ...,

The divinity of Christ and unity of the three that bear record in heaven : with the blessed end and effects of Christ's appearance, coming in the flesh, suffering and sacrifice for sinners, confessed and vindicated, by his followers, called Quakers : and the principal matters in controversie, between them, and their present opposers (as Presbyterians, Independants, &c.) considered and resolved, according to the scriptures of truth, and more particularly to remove the aspersions ... cast upon the ... Quakers ... in several books, written by Tho. Vincent, Will. Madox, their railing book, stil'd The foundation, &c, Tho. Danson, his Synopsis, John Owen, his Declaration
Authors: --- --- ---
Year: 1669 Publisher: London [s.n.],

Emmanuel, or, God-man : a treatise wherein the doctrine of the first Nicene and Chalcedon councels, concerning the two natures in Christ, is asserted against the lately vented Socinian doctrine
Authors: --- ---
Year: 1669 Publisher: London Printed for F. Smith ...,

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