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The rover
Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 9781107149021 1107149029 Year: 2018 Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press,

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"Begun as a short story in October 1921, two months before Conrad's sixty-fourth birthday, The Rover (1923) turned out to be the writer's last completed novel. After a slow beginning plagued by bouts of ill-health, Conrad discovered, as had happened several times throughout his career, that his subject invited more expansive treatment. The short story about an ageing French seaman returning 'home' after a lifetime of adventure and vicissitude slowly evolved into a short novel, and then into a full-length one. Once Conrad got into his stride, he completed it rapidly, by dictation, between January and mid-July 1922. For it, he laid aside his work in hand, Suspense (1925), with which he was already encountering difficulties and which would remain unfinished upon his death. Escaping a troubled work that had been on his desk for some time in favour of a much smaller canvas must have had immediate appeal. It also promised a consolidation of effort: the new story draws upon roughly the same historical epoch as Suspense--the French Revolution and Napoleonic periods--eras that Conrad had read about widely and had already mined for his short stories 'The Duel' (1908) and 'The Warrior's Soul' (1917)"-- "Set in the South of France during the waning days of the French Revolution and the early years of Napoleonic rule, The Rover (1923) is the last novel that Conrad completed in his lifetime. A popular success on its publication, it explores, against the backdrop of dramatic political change and the Anglo-French hostilities leading up to the Battle of Trafalgar, the themes of personal and national identity, loyalty and love. The 'Introduction' situates the novel in Conrad's career and traces its sources and contemporary reception. Explanatory notes illuminate literary and historical references and indicate Conrad's sources. The essay on the text and the apparatus lay out the history of the work's composition and publication, detail the interventions in the text by Conrad's typists, compositors and editors and explain editorial policy. This edition of The Rover, established through modern textual scholarship, presents the novel in a form more authoritative than any so far printed."--

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