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Location Vacations: The relationschip Between Film, Tourism and Community
Authors: --- ---
Year: 2016 Publisher: Leuven KU Leuven. Faculteit Letteren

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There exists a fascinating relationship between the world of film and the tourism industry, at times symbiotic and increasingly complex. This thesis sets out to explore and better understand this relationship by looking at the various ways in which film and tourism interact, with special attention paid to what is occurring on the level of the so-called #local# community, namely those locations widely considered off-the-beaten-path and generally less visited than more popular and established tourist destinations. The interaction between these two seemingly unrelated industries manifests itself in many unique and remarkable ways, particularly with regard to smaller communities, resulting in both positive and negative effects for the community. By utilizing a combination of research methodologies, including literature review, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as taking into consideration a select number of specific film media case studies, I offer an in depth analysis of film tourism, the concept of community, and finally how the two work together and against each other, with the goal of understanding the many ways in which film-tourism directly and indirectly effects local communities on the economic, environmental and socio-cultural level. I also examine the modern tourism trends associated with the Indian Hindi language film industry known as Bollywood, using it indicates that film tourism#s impact on destinations is highly subjective and can have a profound and far reaching impact on communities.



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