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Why Icebergs Float: Exploring Science in Everyday Life
ISBN: 9781911307037 9781911307020 1911307037 1911307045 9781911307044 9781911307051 9781911307068 9781911307686 1911307053 1911307061 1911307681 Year: 2016 Publisher: UCL Press

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From paintings and food to illness and icebergs, science is happening everywhere. Rather than follow the path of a syllabus or textbook, Andrew Morris takes examples from the science we see every day and uses them as entry points to explain a number of fundamental scientific concepts – from understanding colour to the nature of hormones – in ways that anyone can grasp. While each chapter offers a separate story, they are linked together by their fascinating relevance to our daily lives. The topics explored in each chapter are based on hundreds of discussions the author has led with adult science learners over many years – people who came from all walks of life and had no scientific training, but had developed a burning curiosity to understand the world around them. This book encourages us to reflect on our own relationship with science and serves as an important reminder of why we should continue learning as adults.

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