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Modernism : the extensiveness of women's roles and attitudes
Year: 1974 Publisher: Voorburg International statistical institute,

Orale contraceptie : een medisch-psychologische en psychopathologische studie over "de pil".
Year: 1968 Publisher: Leuven Acco,

Sexualité et contraception : les relations dans le couple en Belgique.
Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 2804117103 Year: 1993 Volume: vol *2 Publisher: Bruxelles De Boeck Université,

Eléments de la technologie de la contraception.
Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 1885960018 Year: 2000 Publisher: Baltimore Johns Hopkins university press,

Children of choise : freedom and the new reproductive technologies
ISBN: 0691036659 Year: 1994 Publisher: Princeton, N.J. Princeton University Press

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Cloning, genetic screening, embryo freezing, in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, Norplant, RU486 - these are the technologies revolutionizing our reproductive landscape, enabling individuals to conceive or to avoid pregnancy and to plan the timing of their offspring, and even control their characteristics, in ways barely imaginable a generation ago. In this wide-ranging account of the reproductive technologies currently available, John Robertson goes to the heart of issues that confront increasing numbers of people - single individuals or couples, donors or surrogates, gays or heterosexuals - who seek to redefine family, parenthood, the experience of pregnancy, and life itself. Through the lens of procreative liberty, he analyzes the ethical, legal, and social controversies that surround each major technology, then determines to what extent individuals should be free to pursue the procedures available and whether government should be authorized to restrict them. Reproductive freedom, Robertson maintains, has traditionally been a right taken for granted. Yet these new technologies, helpful as they may be to many people, carry a price - be it the financial, physical, or emotional strain that in vitro fertilization places on couples or the social danger posed by genetically shaping offspring characteristics. They also open up a multitude of fascinating legal questions: Do frozen embryos have the right to be born? Should parents select offspring traits? May a government make long-acting contraceptives compulsory for welfare recipients? Should a woman have the right to abort so she can provide fetal tissue to others, either altruistically or for financial gain? If one member of a lesbian couple has a child through artificial insemination, does the nonbiological parent have any rearing rights or duties in the event that the relationship ends? Robertson examines the broad range of consequences of each reproductive technology and its possible ethical and legal implications. He establishes guidelines for its use by weighing the chance that the technology may enrich and give meaning to an individual's life, against the harm it may cause the larger community. Arguing for the primacy of reproductive freedom in most cases, Robertson offers a timely, multifaceted analysis of the competing interests at stake for patients, couples, doctors, policymakers, lawyers, and ethicists, and shows how they can best be reconciled.


Human reproductive technology --- Contraception --- Abortion --- Abortion, Induced. --- Reproductive Techniques. --- Bioethics. --- Contraception Behavior. --- reproductieve technologie (voortplantingstechnologie, medisch begeleide voortplanting, MBV, artificiële voortplanting, kunstmatige voortplanting) --- vrijheid --- abortus (vrijwillige zwangerschapsafbreking) --- anticonceptie (voorbehoedsmiddelen, contraceptie, geboortecontrole) --- in-vitrofertilisatie (bevruchting in vitro, proefbuisbaby's) --- prenatale diagnostiek (prenatale test) --- embryoreductie (meerlingzwangerschap) --- embryo-onderzoek (embryo's in vitro) --- foetaal weefsel --- ethiek (ethische aspecten) --- Contraceptive Behavior --- Contraceptive Method Switching --- Contraceptive Usage --- Contraception Behaviors --- Contraceptive Behaviors --- Biomedical Ethics --- Health Care Ethics --- Ethics, Biomedical --- Ethics, Health Care --- Ethics, Medical --- Ethicists --- Reproduction Technics --- Reproduction Techniques --- Reproductive Technologies --- Technology, Reproductive --- Reproductive Technology --- Reproduction Technic --- Reproduction Technique --- Reproductive Technique --- Technic, Reproduction --- Technics, Reproduction --- Technique, Reproduction --- Technique, Reproductive --- Techniques, Reproduction --- Techniques, Reproductive --- Technologies, Reproductive --- Selective Breeding --- Reproductive Medicine --- Reproductive Health Services --- Conception --- Birth control --- Reproductive rights --- Moral and ethical aspects. --- technique de reproduction (technique de procréation, procréation médicalement assistée, PMA, assistance médicale à la procréation, AMP, procréation artificielle) --- liberté --- avortement (interruption volontaire de grossesse, IVG) --- contraception (contrôle des naissances) --- fécondation in vitro (fertilisation in vitro, FIV, FIVETE) --- diagnostic prénatal (test prénatal, DPN) --- réduction embryonnaire (grossesse multiple) --- recherche sur l'embryon (embryons in vitro) --- tissus foetaux --- ethique (aspects ethiques) --- Moral and religious aspects --- Prevention --- Humans --- Reproduction --- Ethics --- Status of persons --- Abortion (Induced) --- Abortion Failure --- Abortion History --- Abortion Rate --- Abortion Technics --- Abortion Techniques --- Abortion, Drug-Induced --- Abortion, Rivanol --- Abortion, Saline-Solution --- Abortion, Soap-Solution --- Anti-Abortion Groups --- Fertility Control, Postconception --- Induced Abortion --- Previous Abortion --- Embryotomy --- Abortion Failures --- Abortion Histories --- Abortion Rates --- Abortion Technic --- Abortion Technique --- Abortion, Drug Induced --- Abortion, Previous --- Abortion, Saline Solution --- Abortion, Soap Solution --- Abortions (Induced) --- Abortions, Drug-Induced --- Abortions, Induced --- Abortions, Previous --- Abortions, Rivanol --- Abortions, Saline-Solution --- Abortions, Soap-Solution --- Anti Abortion Groups --- Anti-Abortion Group --- Drug-Induced Abortion --- Drug-Induced Abortions --- Embryotomies --- Failure, Abortion --- Failures, Abortion --- Group, Anti-Abortion --- Groups, Anti-Abortion --- Histories, Abortion --- History, Abortion --- Induced Abortions --- Postconception Fertility Control --- Previous Abortions --- Rate, Abortion --- Rates, Abortion --- Rivanol Abortion --- Rivanol Abortions --- Saline-Solution Abortion --- Saline-Solution Abortions --- Soap-Solution Abortion --- Soap-Solution Abortions --- Technic, Abortion --- Technics, Abortion --- Technique, Abortion --- Techniques, Abortion --- Aborted Fetus

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