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Concrete structures under impact and impulsive loading : synthesis report
Year: 1988 Publisher: Lausanne Comité euro-international du beton,

Ambient vibration monitoring
Authors: ---
ISBN: 0470024305 9780470024300 Year: 2005 Publisher: Chichester Wiley

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In-operation vibration monitoring for complex mechanical structures and rotating machines is of key importance in many industrial areas such as aeronautics (wings and other structures subject to strength), automobile (gearbox mounting with a sports car body), rail transportation, power engineering (rotating machines, core and pipes of nuclear power plants), and civil engineering (large buildings subject to hurricanes or earthquakes, bridges, dams, offshore structures). Tools for the detection and the diagnosis of small changes in vibratory characteristics are particularly useful to set up a preventive maintenance policy based on the actual evolution of the state of the monitored machine or structure, as opposed to systematic a priori planning. Ambient Vibration Monitoring is the backbone of such structural assessment monitoring and control. It provides the possibility to gain useful data under ambient conditions for the assessment of structures and components. Written by a widely respected authority in this area, Ambient Vibration Monitoring describes the current practice of ambient vibration methodologies illustrated by a number of practical examples._ Designed to aid the practical engineer with their understanding of the topic, it is the culmination of many years of practical research and includes numerous & real world' examples._ It also provides information on applicable solutions. This book will enable not only_practitioners (in civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering), but also researchers and students,_to learn more about the theory and practical applications of this subject.

De problematiek van geluid en trillingen bij spoorbaanconstructies in een stedelijke omgeving.
Year: 1997 Publisher: Leuven KUL. Departement bouwkunde,

Structural vibration analysis : modelling, analysis and damping of vibrating structures.
Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 0853125791 Year: 1983 Publisher: Chichester Horwood,

Partial loading on orthotropic plates.
Authors: ---
ISBN: 0721011039 Year: 1978 Publisher: Slough Cement and concrete association,

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