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Sylvia Plath and the theatre of mourning
ISBN: 0198183739 Year: 1999 Publisher: Oxford Clarendon

Subject matters: subject and self in French literature from Descartes to the present
Authors: ---
ISBN: 9042006307 Year: 2000 Volume: 184 Publisher: Amsterdam Rodopi

Scheming women : poetry, privilege, and the politics of subjectivity
ISBN: 079142622X Year: 1995 Volume: *1 Publisher: Albany State University of New York

Ichkulte : Formen gebündelter Subjektivität im französischen Fin de siècle-Roman.
Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 3825311953 Year: 2001 Volume: 106 Publisher: Heidelberg Winter

Postmodernism, traditional cultural forms, and African American narratives
ISBN: 9781438448350 9781438448343 Year: 2013 Publisher: Albany State University of New York Press

Narcissism and the Literary Libido : Rhetoric, Text, and Subjectivity
ISBN: 0814707513 0814706142 0814706657 9780814707517 9780814706657 Year: 1994 Volume: 4 Publisher: New York, NY : New York University Press,

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What is it that makes language powerful? This book uses the psychoanalytic concepts of narcissism and libidinal investment to explain how rhetoric compels us and how it can effect change. The works of Joseph Conrad, James Baldwin, Michael Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Arthur Miller, D.H. Lawrence, Ben Jonson, George Orwell, and others are the basis of this thoughtful exploration of the relationship between language and subject. Bringing together ideas from Freudian, post- Freudian, Lacanian, and post-structuralist schools, Alcorn investigates the power of the text that underlies the reader response approach to literature in a strikingly new way. He shows how the production of literary texts begins and ends with narcissistic self-love, and also shows how the reader's interest in these texts is directed by libidinal investment.Psychoanalysts, psychologists, and lovers of literature will enjoy Alcorn's diverse and far-reaching insights into classic and contemporary writers and thinkers.

Saying I no more : subjectivity and consciousness in the prose of Samuel Beckett.
ISBN: 0810116820 0810116839 Year: 1999 Volume: *2 Publisher: Evanston Northwestern university press

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